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On the 7th floor balcony of my dorm...Collapse )
So this isn't really a post-it, but I think it still gets a message across. Hehe.Collapse )

... :)

In a community bathroom at Michigan State University:

Just one today! This one was placed in a coffee shop so that you could only see it while looking in the window, rather than from inside (unless, of course, you saw it through the window and then went inside to look closer). I thought this might allow it to stay up longer. The quote is from a postcard I received in the mail from I have no idea who. So credit goes to Random Person Who Sent Jane A Postcard. :)

In the elevator at my dorm.Collapse )
So there's this creepy stairway on the 8th floor that leads to the roof...Collapse )
Two.Collapse )
H'okay. So. These are old and I apologize for hiding them from you all. Forgive me? ♥

The first two are in public restrooms (Denny's and Carls Jr) and the last one is on the window of a huge ass lifted truck thing that is bad for Mother Earth. Yessss.

Read more...Collapse )
A stroller thing at a mall.
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Left this lovely Chuck Palahniuk quote in the bathroom of a posh hotel. :D